May 30, 2017

Shelter ‘dumps’ the Campaign for Housing in Later Life

The charity Shelter appears to have ceased involvement in the ‘Campaign for Housing in Later Life’, which Carlex revealed on April 9 registered its website to the Bournemouth HQ of McCarthy and Stone. The Shelter logo that appeared on the ‘Campaign’s’ website has been removed. Curiously, since publication by Carlex the campaign has moved its […]

Campaign for Housing in Later Life traced to … McCarthy and Stone HQ!

(But what on earth are Esther Rantzen and Shelter doing with this lot?) UPDATE June 8: McCarthy and Stone points out that over the credit crunch period (the five years between 2007/8 to 2011/12) it sold 7,170 properties.  The company takes issue with Carlex’s view that there has been “almost NO demand” and that “schemes […]

The final exit fee – it’s your funeral, from McCarthy and Stone

A mischievous 80-year-old Carlex reader sends in this latest flier that has popped into his letter box: the McCarthy and Stone funeral plan. The company that pioneered retirement leasehold – with exit fees, subletting fees, atrocious re-sale values etc – is eager to ensure that your “loved-ones” aren’t left out of pocket when you die. […]

McCarthy and Stone gives Peverel the push at 25 retirement sites

McCarthy and Stone has decided to give Peverel its marching orders at 25 retirement sites where it still owns the freeholds – although two weeks ago it said it was not going to do so (see below). Many of the sites still have flats for sale and the housebuilder made no attempt to defend Peverel’s […]

We need ten new Manchesters to house elderly, says McCarthy and Stone. Fine, so long as you don’t build them

UPDATE June 8: McCarthy and Stone has no ongoing relationships with Lloyds Bank It is a fantasy figure which Housing Minister Mark Prisk has already consigned to the bin: 10 Manchester sized cities over the next 20 years is required to house the ageing population. This nonsense comes from McCarthy and Stone, which is in […]