September 2, 2014

Peverel / Cirrus price-fixing stooge says sorry


The owner of one of the three stooge companies that helped Peverel’s subsidiary Cirrus wrongly win lucrative contracts at retirement sites deeply regrets his involvement in the scam. Jeremy Owen, 38, of Owens Installations, says he got caught up in the Cirrus scandal because he was young and naïve and wishes he could “turn the […]

Carlex veteran wins another £5,000 off Tchenguiz

Eddington Court in Weston-super-Mere, is a McCarthy and Stone site that has seen a series of battles with the Tchenguiz freeholder, Fairhold. It gave Peverel its marching orders and is retirement leasehold site with right to manage

Battle-scared Carlex veteran Norman Greed has pulled off another coup for residents at Eddington Court: a £5,000 repayment on insurance commissions from the Tchenguiz Family Trust. In June Mr Greed, a director of the Eddington Court RTM claimed £10,000 on past insurance commissions to Kingsborough and Oval.

Beyond belief: price-fixing cheat Glyn Jackson is – AGAIN! – back at Peverel sites


Eight months after the Office of Fair Trading revealed the Cirrus collusive tendering scandal, scamming contractor Glyn Jackson is again working on retirement sites managed by Peverel. Glyn Jackson, whose company did not pay an OFT fine of £35,700 after going into liquidation, is this week installing similar electronic systems with a new company at the Adelphi […]

Why was a new lease issued to Peverel on a house manager’s flat, when the residents’ leases say this should not be done?


The issue of the ownership of the house manager’s flat at Mere Court, Knutsford, has again been raised, this time with the Land Registry. Alex Ellison, whose mother lives at the site, wrote explaining that all the leases at Mere Court (registered under the freehold title of CH261040) were created 20 years ago. In all […]

ARHM’s pathetic response to the Peverel / Cirrus scandal


… while “under review”, Cirrus sponsors the ARHM summer conference and is doled out generous contracts   In the club: Richard Wheeldon, ARHM vice chair, part of the Cirrus review team and an executive of Housing and Care 21 housing association. It handed out a bumper contract to Cirrus in February, two months after the OFT […]

Nine months late, the ARHM makes ruling on Cirrus scandal …


… and accepts Peverel’s assurance it REALLY won’t happen again ARHM STATEMENT INTO PEVEREL PRICE FIXING / COLLUSION FOLLOWING INVESTIGATION BY FORMER OFT. Starts The ARHM Audit and Regulation Committee has been working with Peverel to review the outcome of the OFT investigation into collusive tendering in relation to the supply and installation of certain […]

ARHM rejects complaint that Peverel pushed Mere Court residents into agreeing house manager’s flat sale …

Daughters ’R’ us: Alex Ellison (right) with her mother, Barbara Weston, daughter and grand-daughter

  … a flat that, it emerged, Peverel itself owned The daughter of a resident at Mere Court in Knutsford who believed Peverel was urging the sale of the house manager’s flat for financial gain has had her complaint rejected by the ARHM. Alex Ellison was appalled to discover that Peverel was encouraging the sale of […]

ARHM action over Cirrus has ‘involved ONE inquiry to Peverel’

The cosy insiderism at the heart of retirement leasehold management is displayed in an email exchange by Peverel to a Carlex reader. It suggests that the resolve of the Association of Retirement Housing Managers to hold Peverel / Cirrus to task over the collusive tendering scandal is a rather less robust than the ARHM claims.

Gibson Court death was ‘tragic accident’, but coroner criticises safety procedures

Irene Cockerton was the only Gibson Court residents who did not reach safety during the  fire in September 2011

  The death of Irene Cockerton, 87, in the fire at Gibson Court was a “tragic accident”, the coroner ruled last Friday. Irene was the only resident who did not reach safety after fire swept through the retirement leasehold site on September 30 2011. Her body was found by rescue workers the next day in […]

Tchenguiz’s PR company New Century Media detonates Bottomley during Queen’s Speech debate


Tchenguiz PR man named in Commons ‘Apology’ by obscure website to Vincent Tchenguiz read to MPs Sir Peter asks what was Tchenguiz’s role during the Peverel / Cirrus price fixing scandal? Tchenguiz freehold valuations questioned Why are huge loans issued against valuations ‘created from thin air’? Government should put pressure on professional standards bodies to […]

Knights Court wins RTM after Peverel dropped the action …

Knight's Court, where Peverel is claimed to have begun a right to manage application only to drop it when Tchenguiz said 'no'

… well, it is a Tchenguiz site Peverel began a right to manage process at retirement site Knights Court in Balsall Common, in Solihull, only to drop the claim after the freeholder objected, it is claimed. The freeholder is the Tchenguiz Family Trust, which owns the freeholds of 1,500 retirement sites, or 53,000 retirement flats, […]

Sites line up for legal action over Cirrus scandal


Be like Tchenguiz (your freeholder and former Peverel owner) and claim: Elderly residents at six of the 65 sites that were cheated in the Peverel / Cirrus scandal over price-fixing have come forward to demand compensation. The residents are eager to take legal action against the property manager. Carlex is not naming them or the […]

Mark Hoyland quits Peverel Retirement after nine months


Mark Hoyland, the head of Peverel Retirement, is leaving to pursue another venture, Carlex has learned.  Hoyland was only in place for nine months (click picture to read biography). A Peverel spokesman said this morning: “I can confirm that Mark Hoyland has decided to leave Peverel Group at the end of March to pursue another […]

Carlex whistleblowers were THREATENED with prosecution if they went public over OFT’s feeble £500k investigation into Peverel-Cirrus


The three Carlex whistleblowers of the Peverel-Cirrus scam were threatened with prosecution by the Office of Fair Trading  if they revealed the investigation. The threat was minuted by the OFT on September 27 2012 even though it had already decided to give Peverel leniency and not take any action. In a blatant example of shooting […]

Cirrus tee-hee email: Cheating oldies is ‘not an official part of the process (tee hee)’


Any retirement site on the list should contact Carlex to ensure proper compensation is paid for this cheating The secret contempt with which Peverel-Cirrus treated their elderly, vulnerable customers is revealed by the Office of Fair Trading. It has published emails from Cirrus employees in its full 268-report into the price-fixing scandal. This can be […]

Cirrus sites have received ‘goodwill’ payments, says Entwistle

Retirement sites that were identified by the Office of Fair Trading in the price-fixing scandal involving Peverel / Cirrus have received their “goodwill” payments, Janet Entwistle of Peverel said yesterday. At a meeting with Carlex and Sir Peter Bottomley in Westminster, Entwistle said that she was confident all sites affected by the rigged tendering process […]

If ANY other site thinks it was scammed by Peverel / Cirrus, contact Ed Davey or Sir Peter Bottomley


 … and there are plenty of lawyers willing to take on this one! Carlex strongly recommends that any site that believes it was  scammed in the Peverel / Cirrus price-fixing scandal should raise the issue with either Sir Peter Bottomley or Ed Davey, the Energy Secretary. Carlex will provide contacts for both. List of scammed […]

Ex-cabbie, 77, gets doubled service charges owing to anomaly in the lease

Alan Roth's flats has been paying a 2/148ths portion in service charges for 25 years ... until now, when he must  pay double

Alan Roth, 77, a former cabbie, has had a nasty surprise in the service charges at his one-bedroom flat in north London. For the past nine and half years he has been paying 2/148ths for his flat at Parkview Court, Newbury Park, Ilford, in service charges, amounting to £610 pounds.


Here is the list of all the sites involved in the OFT investigation into Peverel’s price-fixing cartel. Can any residents at these sites please contact me as soon as possible. Thanks, Sebastian

Carlex to meet Janet Entwistle over Cirrus scandal … but NO site that was cheated should accept Peverel’s £100,000 ‘goodwill’ payment


(… and one site contacts OFT saying it was left out of the investigation) Sebastian O’Kelly and Martin Boyd, of Carlex, are to meet Janet Entwistle, Peverel chief executive (right), with Sir Peter Bottomley at his Westminster offices on February 10. The discussion concerns the Cirrus price-fixing scandal and Peverel’s derisory offer to make a […]

Surge in right to manage interest after trust in Peverel evaporates


The Right To Manage Federation is reporting a surge in interest in right to manage as the media takes up the Peverel / Cirrus price fixing scandal. FULL LIST OF PEVEREL’S SCAM SITES The Office of Fair Trading issued its final report into the cartel – where stooge companies bid against Peverel’s own subsidiary in […]

‘Peverel and Cirrus ripping off leasehold owners’ … ‘tricksy freeholders’ … ‘the corrupt ruining lives’. Another average day in the Commons …


…  a minor change in leasehold law was interesting by passing comments to what is now generally accepted   The Leasehold Knowledge Partnership – Carlex’s sister website – estimate on the number of leasehold owners was repeated in the Commons today. This is a coup for Martin Boyd (left), LKP stalwart and chairman of the […]

OFT’s ‘leniency’ deal saved Peverel / Cirrus £4m in fines, says The Oldie


The cleverness Peverel demonstrated over the Cirrus scam was revealed in The Oldie magazine this week. Had Peverel not suddenly decided to come clean in December 2009 – just after the issue had been reported in the Times, but before the full Carlex submission arrived in January 2010 – it could have been fined 30 […]

Cut out the nonsense and pay up for Peverel cheating! Cabinet minister tells Janet Entwistle


‘… On this issue you seem unwilling to listen, learn or improve’ Energy Secretary Ed Davey has today told Peverel chief executive Janet Entwistle to pay a “much larger compensatory offer” for running a price-fixing cartel. In December Peverel subsidiary Cirrus was found to have been running bid-rigging tendering for contracts worth £1.4 million at […]

The Independent covers Cirrus and other leasehold scandals


Last Saturday, The Independent wrote a wide-ranging report on leasehold issues including the Cirrus scandal and the need for reforms. Headed ‘The secret of how to give your flat a new lease of life … ‘  it was, in fact, a round-up of: the Cirrus scandal, the OFT investigation into leasehold (the scope of which concludes on […]