April 16, 2014

Sites line up for legal action over Cirrus scandal

Be like Tchenguiz (your freeholder and former Peverel owner) and claim:

CirrusscandalElderly residents at six of the 65 sites that were cheated in the Peverel / Cirrus scandal over price-fixing have come forward to demand compensation.

The residents are eager to take legal action against the property manager. Carlex is not naming them or the sites, for obvious reasons.

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Mark Hoyland quits Peverel Retirement after nine months

MarkHoylands2Mark Hoyland, the head of Peverel Retirement, is leaving to pursue another venture, Carlex has learned. 

Hoyland was only in place for nine months (click picture to read biography).

A Peverel spokesman said this morning:

“I can confirm that Mark Hoyland has decided to leave Peverel Group at the end of March to pursue another venture. We will announce a replacement as soon as possible.”

Carlex has raised questions about Andy Davey, the chief executive of Cirrus, but he appears to have the confidence of CEO Janet Entwistle.  

Carlex whistleblowers were THREATENED with prosecution if they went public over OFT’s feeble £500k investigation into Peverel-Cirrus

OFTuselessThe three Carlex whistleblowers of the Peverel-Cirrus scam were threatened with prosecution by the Office of Fair Trading  if they revealed the investigation.

The threat was minuted by the OFT on September 27 2012 even though it had already decided to give Peverel leniency and not take any action.

In a blatant example of shooting the messenger, the OFT  threated to prosecute three whistleblowers in case they …  er, compromised a prosecution that the OFT already knew would not happen.

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Cirrus tee-hee email: Cheating oldies is ‘not an official part of the process (tee hee)’


Any retirement site on the list should contact Carlex to ensure proper compensation is paid for this cheating

The secret contempt with which Peverel-Cirrus treated their elderly, vulnerable customers is revealed by the Office of Fair Trading.

It has published emails from Cirrus employees in its full 268-report into the price-fixing scandal. This can be read here

These include one Cirrus employee referring to the scam in these terms:

‘Hello I have updated the process but think its best if we keep this one ‘in house’ as the bits in red are what we do behind the scenes and not an official part of the process (tee hee).

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Cirrus sites have received ‘goodwill’ payments, says Entwistle

Retirement sites that were identified by the Office of Fair Trading in the price-fixing scandal involving Peverel / Cirrus have received their “goodwill” payments, Janet Entwistle of Peverel said yesterday.

At a meeting with Carlex and Sir Peter Bottomley in Westminster, Entwistle said that she was confident all sites affected by the rigged tendering process had been identified.

There would not be further payouts.

Although the Office of Fair Trading identified the 65 sites affected, it did not quantify the amount of money wrongly taken between 2005-2009.

It confined itself to saying that sites were “likely” to have suffered loss. [Read more...]

If ANY other site thinks it was scammed by Peverel / Cirrus, contact Ed Davey or Sir Peter Bottomley

PEVERELPRICEFIXINGSCANDAL … and there are plenty of lawyers willing to take on this one!

Carlex strongly recommends that any site that believes it was  scammed in the Peverel / Cirrus price-fixing scandal should raise the issue with either Sir Peter Bottomley or Ed Davey, the Energy Secretary.

Carlex will provide contacts for both.

List of scammed sites

The reason for this is that the Office of Fair Trading is in deep denial mode about its feeble investigation – which cost £500,000 – into the Peverel / Cirrus investigation. Members of the public will be better served if these issues are presented through a senior politician.

The OFT was suckered into a leniency deal with Peverel on ludicrous grounds – Peverel had been rumbled and there was no confession about it – and there is a lot of shame to cover up.

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Here is the list of all the sites involved in the OFT investigation into Peverel’s price-fixing cartel.
Can any residents at these sites please contact me as soon as possible.



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Carlex to meet Janet Entwistle over Cirrus scandal … but NO site that was cheated should accept Peverel’s £100,000 ‘goodwill’ payment

(… and one site contacts OFT saying it was left out of the investigation)

JanetEntwistleSebastian O’Kelly and Martin Boyd, of Carlex, are to meet Janet Entwistle, Peverel chief executive (right), with Sir Peter Bottomley at his Westminster offices on February 10.

The discussion concerns the Cirrus price-fixing scandal and Peverel’s derisory offer to make a £100,000 “goodwill” payment to the 64 sites affected. [Read more...]

Surge in right to manage interest after trust in Peverel evaporates

RTMFThe Right To Manage Federation is reporting a surge in interest in right to manage as the media takes up the Peverel / Cirrus price fixing scandal.


The Office of Fair Trading issued its final report into the cartel – where stooge companies bid against Peverel’s own subsidiary in a bogus tendering process – in early December.

The media – notably the BBC and various national newspapers – have taken up the issue, which has received extensive coverage on Carlex.

“Since news of the Cirrus scandal was made public in the national press the Right To  Manage Federation has seen a marked increase in enquiries from Peverel managed retirement estates,” says Dudley Joiner, chief executive of the RTMF, which almost certainly has taken more retirement sites right to manage than any other organisation. [Read more...]

Little warmth in this masonic handshake as Peverel website removes news of winning a new block

RMBIOn the day the Office of Fair Trading announced its findings into the Cirrus scandal, Peverel Retirement declared it had won a new client: the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institute.

Peverel would be taking over the management of the 13-flat Farnfield Court in Croydon, south London.

The beleaguered property management – which has lost all its prime riverside sites in London and has been dumped by Berkeley Group, Barratt and its old benefactor McCarthy and Stone – slapped this triumph on the company’s website. [Read more...]