May 29, 2017

Metcalfe Court breaks free from Peverel with right to manage success

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The freeholder of Metcalfe Court, in Romiley in Cheshire, has dropped its opposition to right to manage

The freeholder of Metcalfe Court, in Romiley in Cheshire, has dropped its opposition to right to manage

Metcalfe Court, a retirement site in Romiley in Cheshire is the latest Peverel managed retirement site to win right to manage.

Yesterday the Tchenguiz Family Trust withdrew its counter-notices to the RTM notifications which means the RTM will take over management of the block on February 20 next year.

The result vindicates the efforts of Maureen Young and Mo Beach, of the residents’ association, who are also directors of the new RTM, although others are likely to be elected.

Jones-AssociatesThe RTM was organised by Macclesfield managing agent Pauline Jones of Jones Associates, which is accredited to the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership.

“We are absolutely delighted that the freeholder decided to withdraw the counter-notices, which means the RTM can go ahead without taking the issue to tribunal,” said Pauline Jones.

LKP / Carlex recommended that the legal work be carried out by Margarita Madjirska-Mossop, of Mayfield Law, who is very experienced in RTM issues.

The residents chose directly to employ professionals rather than engage a supposedly low cost right to manage facilitator that undertakes to pay all the legal bills. This meant that they were in the driving seat of the process – and could hit the brakes at any point. This is an important consideration where RTMs can face a legal challenge from a freeholder.

Metcalfe Court has had previous run-ins with the freeholder (Fairhold) over whether or not to retain a live-in house manager, for which two ballots were held.

Curiously, at this particular site the Tchenguiz Family Trust / Peverel appeared to want to retain a live-in house manager. The residents were eager to dispense with the service, having felt let down during an emergency.

Carlex involved the local LibDem MP Andrew Stunell, who attended the offices of the Tchenguiz Family Trust property interests in London’s Mayfair to witness the counting of the votes.

Carlex warmly applauds removing Peverel from the management of a Tchenguiz Family Trust freehold – from whom Peverel obtains perhaps 75 per cent of its business.

In no sense are residents the “customers” of Peverel in these circumstances.

Congratulations to all for achieving this excellent result.


  1. Congratulations Metcalfe Court

    Well advised by Carlex

    Happy Days ahead on land …